Settlement Services

We’ve partnered with Hometown Title Network to provide our clients with exceptional and custom title support and ancillary services.

Hometown Title Network description: Hometown Title Network (HTN) offers settlement and title support functions and ancillary services offerings. We streamline your transactions with file integrations and assistance. At HTN, we take the worry and hassle out of your real estate transaction.

Legal Solutions:

  1. In-house counsel for legal questions for seller/buyer regarding closing
  2. Escrow Dispute Resolution
  3. Short Sale Negotiation
  4. Title Vesting Services
  5. Tax Deed Services
  6. Foreclosure Curative Services

Administrative/Ancillary Platforms:

  1. Order Entry Services
  2. Centralized Processing Division
  3. Access to Private Title Plant
  4. Municipal Lien Search
  5. Permit Dispute Resolution
  6. HOA Estoppel Ordering division
  7. Title Curative Department
  8. Mobile Home Title Transfer service
  9. Title Trustee Services for Investors

Post-Closing Services:

  1. Post-closing of files (package to lenders, file invoices, copy packages)
  2. Courier, FedEx/UPS, Postage & Delivery
  3. File shipping, invoice delivery, Agent check delivery
  4. Scanning / Archiving
  5. E-Recording, Physical Recording and Indexing
  6. Title Policy Production and Management
  7. Closing Package Review
  8. Lien Release/Satisfaction Tracking
  9. Lender Compliance Management
  10. Score Card Management and Review
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